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 The GSP-2101 uses two 12AX7 preamp tubes to produce 3 different tube settings: clean, distorted, and saturated. The tubes plug into sockets labeled V1 and V2. The tube in the V1 socket is used for the clean tube setting, and as the first stage of the distorted tube and saturated tube setting. The tube in V2 is used for the second stage of distortion in the distorted tube and saturated tube settings.

 2101s came stock with Penta brand tubes. The LE edition 2101s came with Groove Tubes. Some users have reported changes in tone from switching brands of tubes. Other users claimed to hear little difference in sound. I switched from the stock Pentas to Groove Tubes, but I noticed little differece. I then replaced my V1 tube with a 12AT7. This made a fairly dramatic difference in both tone and gain. The 12AT7 is a lower gain tube than the 12AX7. I am very pleased with the results of replacing my V1 tube with a 12AT7. The 12AT7 lets me get a smoother distortion, and also lets me use the clean tube setting at higher gain levels without distortion.


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